DAO and Network Treasury

The Particl network is, at its core, a ‘decentralized autonomous organization’ (DAO). A DAO is an entity without a central authority that is autonomous, self-sufficient, and transparent by design. Because of this distributed nature, the network has no central point of failure and is highly resistant to outside interference, attacks, and other agenda-driven actions.

Decentralized Treasury and Network Income


Track the treasury’s income and payments by following this link.

To stimulate the development of dApps, distributed services, and the overall growth of the network, Particl is supported by its own decentralized treasury fund, which automatically receives 50% of the staking rewards generated by the blockchain. This staking income is hard-coded directly into Particl Proof-of-Stake (PPoS) and is entirely decentralized.

Circulating Supply


Yearly Coin Emission Rate

1.72 PART

Treasury Staking Share


Average Monthly Treasury Income

120 seconds (5x faster than Bitcoin)

Every month, Particl’s decentralized treasury receives network revenue that can be used by Particl community contributors to fund dApps, distributed service providers, or any other community-proposed initiative that promotes the growth and wellness of the ecosystem.

Treasury Fund Management

The funds deposited into the network’s treasury fund are held in a 3-of-5 multi-signature address managed by different members of the Particl team. The funds can only be allocated to individuals or teams (henceforth “proposers”) who publish clear proposals that get approved by the community through an on-chain voting process. Funds cannot be allocated without the clear and auditable approval of Particl stakeholders.

This multi-signature-based approach to managing treasury funds is intended as a temporary solution to provide a failsafe layer while the team incrementally works on a solution to decentralize the treasury in full, notably with the help of Taproot and its condition-based scripting language.

Community Governance (CCS Platform)

Proposals to be voted on are hosted on the CCS platform. The Community Crowdfunding System (CCS) is a platform on which anyone can freely publish proposals to be discussed and voted on by Particl’s community of stakeholders. It is completely open-source and fully transparent, and is hosted on the GitHub platform.

Publication Process

To prevent abuse of the system, the CCS platform is currently actively managed and moderated by the Particl team. While this introduces a certain degree of centralization into the governance system of the platform, it helps foster an open but pertinent space for the publication of ideas and for contributors to freely discuss their vision within the context of the wider Particl ecosystem’s interests.

This moderated approach aims to simultaneously promote free discussion and protect the network from ill-intended actors, spam, and proposals that may be harmful to the network. It also provides a last line of defense and a layer of protection against abuse of the system while the team incrementally works on a fully decentralized approach to the governance of the network.

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