Get Support

Do you have any questions not answered anywhere on the Particl Academy? Then let us know about it so that we can help you out and update the Particl Academy!

To seek out help, join Particl’s Help channel on

where the Particl community and team will assist you.

Help us a bit

If you happen to report an issue on any of the support channels listed above, do help us a bit by following the following scheme.

**What is your environment?**

    - Operating System/Version: [e.g. Windows 11]
    - Particl Client/Version: [e.g. Desktop 3.1.1]

**What did you do and what do you expect?**

    - Try to explain the facts in short, coherent sentences.
    - Try to go one by one if you have multiple problems.

**Add additional evidence if needed.**

        Note: Don't post the logfiles in the chats. It can contain sensible data you may want to keep private.

    - screenshots
    - debug.log
    - market.log