Take an Offer

BasicSwap DEX is a cross-chain and privacy-centric decentralized exchange that lets you trade cryptocurrencies without middleman interference.

One of its particularities is the presence of a distributed order book that lets you make or take offers without third-party involvement.

This guide will walk you through the full process of taking an offer from the books.

Explore the Order Book


Prices displayed on the graph may differ from the actual trading history on the BasicSwap platform. This data is acquired through APIs and is purely for convenience purposes.

  1. Navigate to the order books by clicking on the Show Order Book tab.

  2. Scroll down the books to find an offer that you want to fill.

  3. You can fine-tune what the order book shows you by using the filters available just under the price history graph.

Place a Bid

  1. When you find an offer that you want to take, click on the Swap button on the right side of its tile.

  2. Review the swap details and click on the blue New Bid button if you’re satisfied.

  3. You’ve successfully placed a bid on the offer.

Monitor the Swap

If the trader that placed the offer has set it to accept bids automatically, then you don’t need to do anything. The swap is already underway and will complete automatically.

If it has instead been set to accept bids manually, you need to wait for your bid to be accepted. In the meantime, you can monitor your swaps’ progress.

  1. Navigate to the Bids Sent tab. The bid you placed will show up here.

  2. Monitor the BID STATUS value that will tell you whether the bid has been accepted or not.

  3. Click on a bid’s BID ID to open more information in a new page.

  4. Here you can monitor a bid or swap’s progress down to the exact technical details.

  5. Once the offer’s maker accepts your bid, the swap will complete automatically and you will receive your coins shortly after.

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