Integrate a Coin

The BasicSwap DEX lets you trade a range of cryptocurrencies without third-party assistance. And thanks to its open-source framework, anyone can add new coins to the DEX.

This guide will show you how to add new coins to the BasicSwap DEX.


BasicSwap is a cross-chain DEX that makes on-chain swaps. For this reason, each coin integration has to be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

Manual Integration

Thanks to its open-source nature, it is possible for anyone to submit their own coin integrations on Github. When successfully merged into the code, anyone with an up-to-date version of BasicSwap can then trade that new coin.



The following requirements are up-to-date with BasicSwap’s latest version (v0.0.13.0).

Because BasicSwap is an entirely cross-chain DEX, there are basic requirements that a coin must possess to be readily integrated.

The blockchain…

  • Uses UTXO scripts

  • Has CLTV or CSV

  • Has Segwit enabled

  • Works with watch-only addresses

Testing for Requirements

In most cases, BasicSwap’s requirements test script can help you quickly determine whether a coin can be readily integrated or not.

If a coin does not pass the test or misses a few requirements, don’t worry; it can probably still be integrated but may require the BasicSwap team to work on a custom integration framework. If that’s your case, consider submitting a listing application request.

  1. Install BasicSwap and ensure you are running the latest version (v0.0.13.0).

  2. Open the basicswap folder in a terminal.

  3. Navigate to where the test script is located.

    cd scripts
  4. Run the script by typing the following command while making sure to put the right destination folder for your coin’s core.

    py requirements.python ~/Applications/particl/bin/particld -d

Integration Process

If the coin you want to integrate meets all the requirements mentioned above, then there are good chances you will be able to add it to the DEX.

But remember, new coin integrations remain a case-by-case process that varies depending on what coin is being integrated.

With this in mind, you can check how other coins that may be similar to yours have been integrated into the DEX and derive your own process from these examples. Click on the numbers next to each coin’s name to study their integration code.

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