Funds, Coins, and Balances

In this section, you will learn how to manage your funds using Particl Desktop in preparation for buying and selling goods and services on Particl Marketplace.


With Particl’s native currency (PART), there are three different types of transactions:

  1. Public transactions

  2. Blind transactions

  3. Anon transactions

Each of them serves a different function within the platform and carries its own level of transactional privacy.

Needed Funds

PART funds needed for selling

To sell products and services on Particl Marketplace, you typically need to have coins in both your Public balance and in your Anon balance. If you enable the Use spendable (Anon) balance for publishing fees option in your market settings, then you only need to have funds in your Anon balance. Keep in mind publishing listings will be more expensive if you choose that option.

PART funds needed for buying

To buy products and services on Particl Marketplace, you only need coins in your Anon balance.

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Receive Coins

There are multiple ways you can fund your balances with PART coins.

From another PART address

Receive PART coins coming from any wallet holding PART funds. This can be a personal wallet, a public exchange service provider, or a hardware wallet.

  1. Open Wallet -> Receive.

  2. Receive a public transaction by choosing Public from the tabs menu at the top of the page, or select the Private tab instead if you want to receive a private transaction (either Blind or Anon).

  3. Share your address with the party to receive the funds.


  1. Both the sender and receiver must agree on the transaction type (exchanges, for example, only support Public transactions).

  2. Create a new Receive address for every transaction. (Optional, but recommended for better privacy).

  3. Adding a label to an address is helpful to keep track of your transactions better.

  4. When posting the address from the clipboard to another party, always verify and double-check the pasted address with the original. Make sure they are identical. Remember: You are your own bank.

From the in-app swap-exchange module

The in-app swap-exchange module allows you to obtain PART funds without the need to visit an external exchange or directly deal with another party.

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Convert Balances

Switching your coins from one type of balance to another is required to make different types of transactions. Refer to the PART Coin Explained in-depth guide for more details on transaction types and balances.

  1. Open Wallet -> Send / Convert -> Convert Public & Private.

  2. In the Pay From section, select the source of funds you would like to convert. In the Convert To section, select the destination of funds you would like to receive.

  3. Type in the number of coins you want to send to your other balance and click on the Make Payment button.

  4. Review the transaction details and click on the Confirm & Send button to start the process.


  1. Wait for twelve (12) confirmations (approximately 24 minutes) before the funds in the anon balance can be used without restriction.

  2. You can track the status of transactions in the Overview module under Recent Transactions.