Target Audiences

Just using Particl Marketplace helps you prevent yourself from being treated as an exploited product. Without additional efforts, like casually, you contribute to the well-being of our society by directly supporting individuals and small businesses all across the world, not corporations.

Stand for fairness for consumers, equal opportunity for merchants and vendors, and freedom for all people. Let others not take control of you. Give it a try; you’ll fall in love with it!

In Dire Need

Who needs a trustless, peer-to-peer trade and commerce environment?

Customers can never be 100% sure that they will receive the goods and services they’ve bought with the agreed specifications and quality. Likewise, suppliers sometimes encounter problems getting full payments for goods they deliver.

These examples from the industrial business world show how orders across national borders are still problematic for all parties involved if there isn’t a pre-existing trust relationship. This contractual insecurity applies to almost any industry. Too often, both parties end up being left with a waste of time, money, and confidence.

Another example is the not-so-known problem of exit-scam schemes where money gets put into third-party escrow services with the deepest belief of a safe business transaction, but with an unfortunate and costly outcome.

“We help you to build, enable, and maintain safe and trustless business and commerce relationships.“

Who needs privacy in e-commerce?

There are very good reasons for privacy in e-commerce. After all, it’s nothing more than what we’ve been used to since the dawn of cash. It used to be that any commercial transaction made with cash was inherently private, a rapidly eroding concept ever since the internet came to be.

Today, privacy helps you protect yourself from data leaks and abuses, spam, and unwanted solicitations. Furthermore, it ensures that nobody can create a credit score, invasive customer profile, or insurance risk score without your knowledge or consent.

On top of that, big e-commerce platforms actively work on cannibalizing their users for their own benefits. They trace and invade their successful vendors’ supply chains, put pressure on the suppliers, and copy trending or popular products. They then sell the copied products with their branding while suppressing or reducing the original vendor’s exposure on their commerce platform. You may know one of the most famous online marketplaces in the world, which is entirely powered by this predatory behavior. But did you know that they repeat the same with their more than 100 in-house brands?

“We help you prevent others from turning your success into a weapon to be used against you.“

Who is suffering from oppression and abusive restrictions in e-commerce?

Still to this day, this world has regions where political oppression and censorship are the status quo. Their citizens need a solution that delivers a way to do commerce without being persecuted. One can understand it as the equivalent of the human right of freedom of speech.

This problem is spreading globally and is not limited to countries deemed as authoritarian anymore. Tech giants censor individuals, businesses, or specific content that doesn’t fit their agenda, leading to an ever-increasing online liberty crisis. You may have witnessed it in journalism, politics, literature, or philosophy when following the news.

“We help you to buy and sell what you want, when you want it, and wherever you want, despite any resistance.“

Who needs an e-commerce solution where no banking account is required?

Believe it or not, according to the world bank, 1.7 billion adult people on planet earth are unbanked. But you can bet they are interested in doing business, especially in their local area. What’s more, using financial services that don’t rely on the banking system undoubtedly gives you the maximum level of financial independence and freedom.

Furthermore, traditional banking, as we know it, becomes more and more of a questionable concept. By rethinking this concept and executing the alternative, you can feel to be a part of a movement.

“We help you to help the unbanked world and rethink the concept of banking.“

Who needs a backup plan for in-person deals?

It may sound surprising, but it’s far from being far-fetched. Suppose, for example, that you buy a piece of jewelry directly from a person you don’t know. This can be using Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or any similar local person-to-person solution. How do you make sure you don’t get scammed? How do you make sure the quality, material, or stone is as promised and not some knock-off. There are many things that can go wrong with any type of transaction.

Particl Marketplace’s unique two-party escrow system makes it possible to safely trade with anyone, online or in-person, even if you don’t know them. It replaces the simple but unsafe in-person cash-for-item exchanges and the uncertainty of transacting with a stranger without any form of leverage against them to enforce honesty. Now you can force them to put their money where their mouth is.

“We help you enforce truthful and honest trades with your business partners regardless if that’s online or in-person.“

Who needs a free-of-charge e-commerce solution with no operating costs?

While other so-called “free” e-commerce marketplaces and solutions take advantage of you with a myriad of fees, and, even worse, with your data, habits, and personal information, you pay the price and end up with a substantial economic gap. For example, did you know that, depending on various factors, e-commerce platforms like Amazon can charge their sellers up to more than 40% per transaction? Don’t think that’s not reflected in retail prices!

On Particl Marketplace, the absence of commissions, sales fees, subscription models, and other operating costs encourages brands, vendors, suppliers, and even small retailers with their local businesses. It allows them to thrive within an entirely self-sufficient, circular, global, and community-led economy.

The only operating costs you will see on Particl Marketplace are tiny listing fees designed to fight off spam and unintentional usage. So now you’ve just found a new and beneficial sales channel for your business. Maybe it’ll become your new favorite?

“We help your business and customers get the best deals possible.“

Fair Economics

Driven by sensible economic motivations, customers and vendors always seek the best deals out there. Remove the corporate interest of a marketplace operator from the pricing model, and nearly anybody can see the impact it’s going to have on retail prices by doing basic maths. Now, they can both finally get what they’re looking for by participating in “just economics”.

Retailers, merchants, and vendors, in general, looking for new target customer groups, sales channels, and revenue streams will find exactly what they’re after. They’ll be able to offer their products at ridiculously competitive prices. At the same time, they get rid of many problems usually associated with typical e-commerce solutions and payment processors. They now get near-instant and chargeback-proof payments, without any retention times, that cannot arbitrarily be held or frozen.

The absence of operating costs makes it attractive for cooperatives to set up their own and dedicated sales channel and gain exposure from a bigger public audience, or just towards a defined local VIP group of customers.

Ultimately, it’s in your best interest to lead your existing customers to understand the benefits of better prices. It lets you enjoy the full range of advantages of economic advancement as an individual, a collective, or as a business.

“We help you reduce your e-commerce costs to the absolute minimum.“

To Take a Stand

As you may have noticed, the world is changing. More and more people are actively starting to take a stand in various facets of society. Using Particl Marketplace is a very efficient but effortless way to do just that.

For example, the sustainability movement pays special attention to not wasting resources and protecting them. This ranges from agricultural products and their production to adequately treated and remunerated workforces.

There are also groups like the libertarians, a reasonably sized community, having their very own interests. They seek autonomy, political freedom, self-determination and constantly question the current economic and political systems. They care about our society, like most groups, but they have their own vision of it.

The list goes on, but that wouldn’t do any group justice to put them all into one bucket. Ultimately, the common denominator relates to the concepts of abusive surveillance, censorship, monopolies, banking, and data gathering operations that prey on honest and caring people.

You know best you don’t fit into a generalized pigeonhole. All these philosophies do exist and have a right to exist. It’s a good idea to do the things you do carefully and purposefully, and perhaps you’ll find yourself the desire to take a stand or give back to society.

“We help the caring society to take a stand and to express and achieve ideas of a better, fairer world.“

Industries and Use-cases

  • Trading goods or services in return for payments:
    • If instant settlement of payment is needed.

    • If counterparty risks need to be mitigated.

    • If the risk of receiving counterfeit goods is in play.

    • If an increased risk of non-payment (payment default) applies.

    • If the risk of payment delays is apparent.

    • If intermediaries (i.e., marketplace operators) take too much off the deal.

    • If intellectual property is at stake.

    • If security or privacy is at stake.

    • If the total cost of commerce is too high.

  • When suppliers of goods have no cost-effective, protected, and fair access to international markets without using intermediaries.

  • Exchange of industrial goods across national borders between two parties if there is no pre-existing or limited trust between them.

  • When a distribution environment for small local stores or cooperatives and their local clientele is needed.

  • Development of consumer and community markets for the new crypto-economy and reduce friction in payments.

  • Creation of new business opportunities in international markets where local and artificial price protection on goods is in play.

  • A corporate in-house tool for displaying and retrieving any type of resources and, optionally, their billing. Mini-ERP.

  • When an individual, business, or organization gets hindered on typical online marketplaces and needs a censorship-proof environment to pursue its operations.

  • To sell products and services that are not allowed on traditional marketplaces, such as second-hand precious metal bullions, for example.

These are just a few examples of who can instantly benefit from Particl Marketplace’s decentralized e-commerce model.

Most of all, the people working on Particl would like to hear your success stories and ideas. Reach out to us! We would love to share them with the world and help you get more out of Particl Marketplace by finding more people to do business with.

That’s a lot to grasp, isn’t it? Keep in mind that Particl Marketplace is a global, all-inclusive e-commerce platform that is as diverse as humankind and is open to everybody. Focus on what serves your needs and on overcoming your challenges. You will get rewarded and feel empowered like never before. Particl rapidly becomes your mantra and mindset.


Do you know other curious minds? Please invite them to participate in the discussion on the status quo of commerce, monopolies, equal opportunities, and eventually, freedom to live a life worth living for us all and our children!

Keep on truckin’

You made a big leap forward. Now you understand a lot about who can benefit from Particl Marketplace the most and the diversity of its use-cases. In the next chapter, you will get a brief overview of the nuts and bolts that make Particl possible.

Perhaps you want to skip that part and install it right away? Just head over to the Installation Guides.