Particl Marketplace Brief Overview

The Particl Marketplace is your private and decentralized online marketplace to buy and sell anything online. Here, there is no marketplace company, e-commerce service provider, database, server, hosting service, payment processor, bank, and no other kind of third-party involved—just pure and confidential person-to-person transactions between you and another person.

This gives you many new benefits not possible before with traditional e-commerce, but there are just a few things you need to be aware of before you get started. It’s very easy to use; let’s go over them!

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Don’t Trust, Verify!

By choosing to use Particl Marketplace, you give yourself all the tools you need to confidently stay ahead of the technological curve with industry-leading privacy technologies.

And you don’t need to trust anyone; the code is open-source, independently audited, and freely available online for everyone to inspect. See for yourself!

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General Usage and Concept

Particl Marketplace is a new type of online marketplace. It lets you enjoy an easy and cost-effective shopping experience that makes zero compromise on the core values of decentralization, security, privacy, and disintermediation.

That will make you stand out and stay on top!


A web and a mobile version of Particl Marketplace are planned to be released later on and will play a key role in making the platform more accessible and convenient to use.

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Payment Processing

To benefit from near-free, near-instant currency transactions that cannot be held up, blocked, reversed, or delayed by anyone, you transact on Particl Marketplace using digital currencies commonly called cryptocurrencies.

You can use an ever-growing list of digital currencies to make payments on Particl Marketplace. However, the final settlement of any payment is always made in PART, Particl’s own cryptocurrency.


Payments with local, national currencies (i.e., USD, EUR) will be integrated later on. They will play a key role in making the platform even more accessible and convenient to use.

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Fraud Protection

Regardless if you’re a vendor or a customer, you equally hate falling victim to a scammer. You want to protect yourself against fraud at all times, at no extra cost, and without any hassle.

One of Particl Marketplace’s unique selling propositions makes it a breeze for you to achieve that.

Any purchase you make on the marketplace is secured by a two-party escrow system that keeps you and your money safe without requiring any third-party.

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Phases of a Deal

Particl Marketplace's phases of a deal

Particl Marketplace not only saves you a lot of money, but it also gives you a ton of security and privacy benefits. That’s why you’re willing to do three more steps to complete a purchase in full!

These three additional steps are the only compromises made over traditional marketplaces. Now compare this tradeoff to all the benefits they get you. That’s a pretty sweet deal!


We are constantly improving the software and its user experience. Eventually, we also want to get rid of these extra steps.

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Community Markets

Want to have your own shop or even launch an entire market? Do you want it to be publicly available or kept secret between a few individuals?

On Particl Marketplace, you can deploy as many shops and markets as you wish. At all times, you stay in complete control of their associated data, their level of privacy, and accessibility. And to put the icing on the cake, this all comes at no extra cost for you.

You can use community markets for almost anything. You can launch your own brand stores, markets for your online community, NFT markets, art galleries (bidding auctions), VIP or private stores, OTC desks, pop-up stores, and pretty much anything you can imagine. The possibilities are endless!

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Content Moderation

The “wisdom of the crowd” is your secret power when it comes to moderating Particl Marketplace.

Since you, everybody, and nobody owns the Particl Marketplace, every participant has the equal ability to flag and take off undesirable content.

See something you think shouldn’t be on the marketplace? Flag it! When enough people do the same, it will be taken off the market. Flagging a listing will also take it off your local version of the marketplace to prevent you from seeing it again.

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Work in Progress

Particl Project is an ever-ongoing work in progress. Every day, it gets better, easier to use, and more accessible. Exciting new projects and features constantly emerge to help the Particl ecosystem thrive.

Be a part of it – as a customer, vendor, promoter, developer, manager, or any other void you can fill with your passion.


Visit the blog Particl News, follow on Twitter, Reddit, or register to the newsletter to stay in the loop about what’s coming next.

Almost there

Phew! You’ve made it this far! By now, you have a pretty good understanding of the Particl Marketplace. In the next section, you’ll have a deeper look into all of its components.

But perhaps you want to skip that part and install it right away? Then head over to the Installation Guides.