Particl Academy

Documentation for Particl Marketplace.

Particl Academy guides you to become an expert for e-commerce with the Particl Marketplace. It is a reference book in straightforward language.

Particl Marketplace is the most secure and private online marketplace on the web, putting you at the center. You become the Robin Hood of retail, the Avenger against the forces of oppression, and the Punisher for rogues at the same time. Democracy is the force, and Particl Marketplace your lightsaber.

The time-economists among you will jump right to the Quickstart Guide.


Take your first few steps with understanding the Particl Marketplace. What is Particl Marketplace? What do you get, who is it for, and the answer to the why:

Installation & Usage

All begins with the installation of the Particl Desktop software. Follow these best practices for the installation, set up your first wallet, and understand the user interface:

User Guides

Step-by-step user guides about the most vital processes of Particl Marketplace. Find everything summarized without having questions left open:

Particl Explained

Find advanced, very in-depth, and detailed articles about functions and concepts behind the Particl Marketplace. They will make you a master, but you do not need them to use the Particl Marketplace:

Help and Assistance

Are you having an issue not covered in this section? Your invaluable insights will make the Particl Academy more complete.

Technical Documentation

More technical documentation can be found in these locations.