Common Issues


The Particl Academy is up-to-date with Particl’s latest version, Particl Desktop 3.0.

Got any issue not mentioned here? Then let us know about it so that we can help you out and update the Particl Academy!

General Support Questions

Coins not showing up when importing 24-word passphrase

  • Make sure you are using Particl Desktop 3.0.

  • Make sure you haven’t made any typo in any of the 24 words.

  • Enter your seed’s password, if you have any.

  • Try only entering your 24-word passphrase without any password.

  • If all else fails, do a hard reset of Particl.

Particl is indefinitely loading a wallet and not starting up

  • Make sure you are using Particl Desktop 3.0.

  • Close Particl Desktop and reopen it.

Number of coins not showing up in private balances and transaction history

When you hold coins in either blind or anon balances, the balances aren’t displayed on your Particl Desktop until you unlock it with your password. This is a security measure designed to keep your private balances private from prying eyes.

Marketplace Support Questions

I can’t find the marketplace on Particl Desktop

  • Make sure you are using Particl Desktop 3.0.

No listing is showing up on the marketplace (empty marketplace)

  • Make sure you are using Particl Desktop 3.0.

  • Check if in the top right corner the peers icon is a red circle. If it’s the case, check your firewall settings. The Particl Desktop client is not able to contact the network. Make sure your internet connection is available at all.

  • Leave Particl Desktop open for a few minutes so that it can sync the blockchain and load the market data. This can take several minutes and tends to take longer on slow internet connections.

  • Reset your market database by first making a copy of your particl-market folder and then deleting it (don’t delete the backup copy). Keep in mind this is a last resort solution. It will permanently remove all your market-related data such as current orders, listings, order history, and etc. Make sure that you do not have any active order before doing this step, or you will permanently lose access to the escrow contracts.

Particl-market folder location


I can’t publish a listing

  • Make sure you are using Particl Desktop 3.0.

  • Make sure you have enough PART in your public or private balance to cover the listing fees.

“Message did not send” error when trying to list multiple items at once

  • Make sure you are using Particl Desktop 3.0.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and republish the listings that couldn’t be sent in a SecureMessaging (SMSG) message. You may need to repeat that step a few times until all items are published.

The escrow process is jammed. Neither the buyer or seller can progress further

On rare occasions, the SecureMessaging (SMSG) network can encounter message propagation issues. This can lead to issues such as the escrow system not progressing further even when both transacting parties complete the escrow steps. To fix that issue, you can manually resend messages to the other party.

  1. Find the order you want to fix in the Orders tab of the SELL page.

  2. Note down the order’s ID.

  3. Open the Debug console window by clicking on its icon at the top right corner of your Particl Desktop client.

  4. Click on the Market tab and enter the following command by replacing <ID> with the order ID you’ve just noted down.

    orderitem history <id>

  5. This will give you a lot of data about the order. Copy everything and paste it into a text document to better search for the data you need to continue further.

  6. Note down the <msgid> values you need for the next step.
    • If your buyer has successfully locked its funds in escrow, but you’re not getting that notification and can’t progress further, then you need to note down two msgid values: MPA_COMPLETE and MPA_SHIP.

    • If you’ve sent the item to your buyer, but he hasn’t received that notification and can’t confirm that he has received the item, then you only need to note down the MPA_SHIP <msgid> value.

  7. Run the following command(s) in Particl Desktop’s Debug window for each <msgid> value you’ve noted down (MPA_COMPLETE first, then MPA_SHIP).

    smsg resent <msgid>

In-App Swap Exchange Support Questions

I can’t find any exchange to swap crypto for PART coins

This feature is temporarily unavailable. We are working on bringing this back as soon as possible.

Certain cryptocurrencies are not available to swap for PART coins

Not all cryptocurrencies are currently accepted on Particl. To request a coin to be added, fill up this listing form.