Particl Marketplace Brief Overview

The Particl Marketplace is a fully private and decentralized online marketplace environment used to buy and sell anything online. It has no central servers, hosting service, payment processors, or other third-parties involved. Transactions and settlements are accomplished with the PART coin, a privacy-centric cryptocurrency native to the platform. It is a privacy-centric, person-to-person e-commerce platform designed to connect customers and sellers anonymously, without borders.

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Under The Hood

Particl Marketplace is powered by industry-leading privacy technologies, which enable its function as a decentralized privacy-centric marketplace.

And you don’t need to trust anyone; the code is entirely open-source, independently audited, and freely available online for everyone to inspect or contribute.

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General Usage and Concept

The Particl Marketplace enables an easy and cost-effective shopping platform that makes zero compromise to the core values of decentralization, security, privacy, and disintermediation. The PART privacy coin is integral to this and is endowed with powerful privacy features.


A web and a mobile version of Particl Marketplace are planned to be released later on and will play a key role in making the platform more accessible and convenient to use.

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Payment Processing

For technical reasons and in order to ensure anonymity and untraceability, transactions on the Particl Marketplace are settled exclusively in PART, Particl’s native digital currency.


Payments with local, national currencies (i.e., USD, EUR) will be integrated later on. They will play a key role in making the platform even more accessible and convenient to use.

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Fraud Protection

Any purchase you make on the marketplace is secured by a two-party escrow system that keeps you and your money safe without requiring any third-party. This eliminates contingencies that centralized markets suffer from, such as the possibility of exit scams or of escrow funds falling prey to a hacker or the bias of the arbitror and his policies.

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Phases of a Deal

Particl Marketplace's phases of a deal

Particl Marketplace not only does away with fees - it also gives you valuable security and privacy benefits while being entirely decentralized. These perks come at a cost: it takes three more steps than usual for customers to complete a purchase in full.

These three additional steps are necessary to complete the 2-party escrow system that enables a truly decentralized marketplace.


We are constantly improving the software and its user experience. Eventually, we also want to get rid of these extra steps.

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Community Markets

On Particl Marketplace, you can deploy as many shops and markets as you wish. Markets can be publicly available and even advertised, or kept secret between a few individuals. Creators of those community markets remain in complete control of their associated contents, their level of privacy, and accessibility.

Community markets can be created for almost any purpose as there is no central censorship authority.

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Content Moderation

As everyone and no one owns the Particl Marketplace, every participant has the equal ability to flag and potentially hide undesirable content from the public.

When enough people flag a listing as inappropriate, it will be taken off the public market. Flagging a listing will also take it off your local version of the marketplace to prevent you from seeing it again.

Achieving content moderation on a decentralized e-commerce platform is complex but worth it, and we invite you to read more about it by clicking the link below.

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Work in Progress

Particl Project is an ever-ongoing work in progress. Every day, it gets better, easier to use, and more accessible. Exciting new projects and features on the roadmap or directly from community members constantly emerge to help the Particl ecosystem thrive.

Be a part of it – as a customer, vendor, promoter, developer, manager, or any other role you can bring your passion to.


Visit the blog Particl News, follow on Twitter, Reddit, or register to the newsletter to stay in the loop about what’s coming next.

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